A feeling which I had long forgotten

Today after much though, I realized what is actually bothering me. Well, "bothering" would be the incorrect word to use in this context because I believe that I have once again fallen in love! And that too with the person I never expected to fall in love with... a very good friend. I realized that I was missing something after moving away from her and then I realized that I was missing her (a lot). It happens all the time... we never care for things which we can easily avail, but once those things become hard to get we come to know its worth. I never imagined myself falling in love again after I crashed and burned at my first attempt which was very painful to say the least. And now once again I am treading on the same path and guess what... I can't see what's ahead! I guess I would have never felt this way about her unless she allowed me to, so she too must be having some idea about how I feel about her. I guess I should confess to her about my feelings soon before it gets deeper in my head. Love is good and bad at the same time. It gives you that awesome feeling and the same time make you a worthless piece of s**t. So baby here I come and you're going to tell me if "I am in" or "I am out"!

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