MacOS X on regular Intel compatible hardware

I think MacOS X running on regular Intel hardware is a great idea. Just think about the kind of interoperability that would offer. I guess I am biased because I think from the developer's point of view (being a developer myself). If MacOS X is able to run on regular Intel compatible hardware, then it can become as popular as Windows is today. And that would give developer motivation to write the same software the write for Windows. Just think about it. Today the best games come for the Windows platform first and then they are PORTED to the Mac. Now, since the Mac is using regular Intel compatible hardware, developers can target both platforms at the same time. Besides if MacOS X runs for regular Intel chips it also means it would run on those sexy AMD chips (which I am a great fan of). Compare to those many OSes out there, the MacOS X really stands out. Take a look. UNIX like core (Darwin), stability, features, performance, looks, it has it all. Not many people can afford the costly (albeit great) Mac hardware. So this would be a real big thing. If I were to rate all those Desktop OSes out there, my rating would go like this (earlier the better): 1. Windows 7, 2. MacOSX, 3. Haiku, 4. ReactOS. Sorry I am not a Linux fan due to the bitter experience I had with it and lack of standardization.

Edit: This post was written nearly 5+ years ago and was moved over from Windows Live Spaces to here.

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