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The Borg Collective

Dear reader. Please understand that I am only writing this blog to make people more aware of the technical nature of the topic and spur some meaningful discussion. My statements here deal with operating system intrinsic and design. If you do not possess the core knowledge and fundamentals about the working and design of operating systems, you may still continue to read and ask questions. Meaningless, stupid, unintelligent comments/sarcasms/statements will be ignored. Moreover, you will be insulting yourself with such actions. I do not accept responsibility for any effects, adverse or otherwise, that this blog may have on you, your devices, your sanity, your dog, and anything else that you can think of. Read it at your own risk. Now with that off my chest, let's begin…

There are times when I fling out my Windows Phone 8 device out of my pocket, few of my friends and colleagues go… why? Why Windows Phone 8? Why not Android? To all of them, my standard response is that I do not want t…

Digital Distribution Platforms I like and use

I have been using Windows 10 & Xbox One X for sometime and have noticed myself using multiple popular Digital Distribution Platforms for purchasing and downloading games on my devices. These are:
1. Steam

2. Microsoft Store

3. GOG

4. Uplay

5. Origin